Nerdy mom science and other goofy stuff...lets do this!


Welcome to our company home page. We are happy you dropped by. We have much to share and a future of much more coming. Please be sure to look into Comfort Coach Products first product release SafeJourneys Coachie!


Solutions are a great necessity as long as we have needs. We are motivated by challenges that fall within our ability to create; we then become commissioned to bring forth a great solution.

We support children and families facing the challenge...


Innovation exists as long as we do. And CCP is committing to the life long art of creation, bringing forth products that grow with you and products that modify with the times and generations through life..

A simple idea can become a great life saver. We are a business of invention and as well we look forward to inviting inventions from great minds outside our company. We are good at what we do and we also have the humility to recognize we are not the only ones. We welcome, encourage and support others.


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