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Comfie Coachie is the first product to be introduced as we also introduce our company to the world. Available for purchase beginning Jan 30th of 2017! A children's travel headrest during car, airplane and other forms of travel. Comfie Coachie is built for comfort and provides it's purpose without fail! We look forward to serving you. Welcome.


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Products are considerate thoughts towards others. We are a business of product vision aiming to build a brand all people can look forward too and depend on. Every consumer item will support, invigorate or enrich the life of our customers. We produce with purpose.

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  Welcome to our company home page. We are happy you dropped by. We have much to share and a future of much more to come. Please peek in on our company's first product release."Comfie Coachie."

Innovation is a great necessity through generations. We are motivated to soften  challenges and coach with comfort areas of need through products designed for the different ages and stages of life. 

                                     challenges along with other special needs families will be provided support services for single parent and low income families raising a child or children with special needs. We understand the gravity of the challenges experienced by such families and are working to provide the tools and support needed to better ensure the success of these kid specials and their parents. Join in and help us with every Comfie Coachie purchased. Now, as a parent looking to comfort your child, you will literally be helping to comfort another parent and their child too... Thank you.

Inspiration exists as long as we do. And CCP is committing to the life long art of creation, bringing forth products that grow with and support the young and old. We create through inspiration brought on by life through times and generations.